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How to Prepare Your Cerritos Apartment Before You Go on Summer Vacation

June 16th, 2017

Summer is around the corner and with that comes the much looked forward to


vacation. Whether it be a short or long one, it is essential to prepare your Cerritos luxury apartment before you leave for vacation.

With so much to plan for the vacation itself, planning and preparation for leaving your home can be overwhelming, but if you don’t want to be on a beautiful island thinking to yourself if you remembered to turn off the lights or lock the windows, it is important to do. But no worries, here are a few pointers on how to prepare your Cerritos luxury apartment before you go on your fantastic and well deserved summer vacation.

Bills, Bills, Bills

The last thing you want is to be enjoying your day off the grid and remembering that you forgot to pay you electric, water, or any other utility bill and not be able to do anything about it or suffer a late fee. Of course, a worst-case scenario is that you forgot to pay rent but even that can be avoided if you simply set up auto payments for all of your bills. You can also pay ahead of time if you’re not gone for too long. Either way, this will be one less thing to stress about.

More Mail, More Problems

Expecting a package? Simply enlist the help of your wonderful Cerritos neighbors. If you’re on good terms with your neighbors, ask them if they would be so kind to accept any packages that will be sent your way and hold them for you until you return. Second option is to let your apartment’s management know you will be going on vacation giving them the green light to not only accept your package but hold it until you come back to your Cerritos luxury apartment. Lastly, you can always put your mail on hold

Hello Vacation

If you did not do so already with the mail, make sure to let your apartment management know that you are going to be gone on vacation and for what duration. In addition, make sure to give them the best way to contact you in case of an emergency. And make it clear that you are only to be reached if it is an emergency allowing you to relax while you’re away. It is good to have all of your bases covered.


While your electronics may off, believe it or not they still use energy. For this reason it’s important to unplug your small appliance and anything that will suck up energy like a: TV, computer, blu-ray player, streaming device, or even an alarm clock. If you have an in home camera make sure you don’t unplug the power to that.

Beat The Heat…Or Cold

Something that can easily slip-the-mind is turning off your heat/air conditioning. Having your thermostat set to the perfect temperature puts controlling that part of your home on autopilot so it is understandable if you leave for vacation and come home to a huge utility bill. Now you don’t necessarily have to completely turn off your A/C & Heat but make sure to set it at a temperature that will not have either on full blast but just cool/warm enough that you won’t walk into a freezer or sauna…And of course an absurdly high utility bill. Lastly, make sure to close your curtains or blinds to keep the temperature constant.

Trash Talk

It’s something that is constantly talked about. WHO is going to take out the trash? Whether it be you or someone else this weekly or maybe even daily task is something that is easily forgotten. Add the stress of planning for a vacation and taking out the trash before you leave can easily slip through the cracks. No one wants to come back from a nice, relaxing vacation and walk into a smelly apartment because you forgot to take out the trash. So, make sure every trash bin in your Cerritos luxury apartment is emptied before you leave and put a reminder in your phone ahead of time so you are sure not to forget.

Pet Care

This may not directly have to deal with your Cerritos apartment but it’s always sad when you have to leave your pet behind even if you are going to spend your week relaxing on an island or wherever you may be going. Planning ahead for this is a big must. Make arrangements with your family or friends to take care of your beloved pup either at their house or yours and if they can’t accommodate them then make a reservation for your dog at a dog hotel.

Plant & Apartment Care

Closely related to pet care is the care of any house plants. No, they are not nearly as valuable or loveable as your pet but you still don’t want them to go to waste. Depending on how long you will be gone it would be a good idea to get a family member or friend to come over to your Cerritos apartment and water your plants. There are two upsides to this: 1. Your plants will not die and 2. It will look like someone is home which means you’ll be less likely to attract burglars. If you can’t get a plant/apartment sitter, there is always the option of purchasing self-watering plant stakes which will keep your plants watered for a short amount of time.

What About Your Car?

Leaving your car? (another topic that may not be directly related to your apartment but is still relevant to your leave). Make sure you leave it parked in the safest place possible, especially if for some reason you have it parked on the street. There are laws that require your car to be moved every couple of days so be aware of that. Your main concern is to make sure all of your valuables are removed from your car, you don’t have money thrown around attracting strangers, and that all of your windows are rolled up and your doors are locked.

Clean Up

More than just taking out the trash, it is important to clean up your apartment. Cleaning the kitchen, specifically washing the dishes, will avoid any unpleasant smells that will permeate through your apartment. With that, goes cleaning the garbage disposal, if you have one. This is another place where old food build-up can create an odor that will be unwelcoming you’re your return. Cleaning out your fridge and throwing out any perishable foods as well as left overs will also help avoid any unwanted smells especially being attacked by something gnarly upon opening the fridge. In addition to the kitchen vacuuming or mopping will get rid of any dust that will cause you to have a sneeze fest when you come back home from your vacation. An extra tip would be to buy a couple of plug-in air fresheners to really bring your apartment to life! It doesn’t have to be a deep clean but a simple one will have you happy to be back at your Cerritos luxury apartment.

Bug Spray

You probably don’t have any bugs in your lovely Cerritos Luxury Apartment but if you’ll be gone for some time it may be a good idea to spray some bug repellent. You don’t have to go over board and spray down your whole apartment but spray the areas where bugs have potential to appear. With that said, if you cleaned your apartment and threw out the trash, this shouldn’t be a worry.

Lock All Doors & Windows

After you have made it through this list, the last thing you need to do it make sure that all of your windows and doors are locked. Make your way through your apartment and enter every room with a window and lock them. While you are at it you can close your blinds or curtains. Now that is off your mind all you need to do is focus on locking your door on your way out.

On this topic, make sure to put away any of your hidden spare keys if you have any outside of your Cerritos apartment. The last thing you want is for a burglar who knows you are out of town to go snooping around and find your spare key.

Congratulations you have made it through the list!

You are now free to have a completely relaxing vacation. You will be free of worry if you left the lights on, took the trash out, or set your thermostat just right. Of course, there might be other worries but you won’t have to stress about leaving your Cerritos luxury apartment.

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